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From seed selection to harvest, we offer a variety of services to help you get the most value from your input costs.  It all begins with a seed.  We can help you choose the right seed for your farm.  Want to make sure that seed ends up where it is supposed to?  Have your meter properly calibrated by us to make sure that seed is placed correctly.  Make sure your planter is ready for spring with our full planter inspection program.  Using Precision Planter components, we give your old planter new capabilities.  Utilize Granular Agronomy to create variable rate prescriptions.  Once that seed has emerged, track its growth through Granular Agronomy's satellite imagery.  Looking for new ways to get fertilizer to your crops?  The 360 Yield Center has some good options available.  When harvest comes, map your yields with Precision Planting Yieldsense.  Finish the year off by inputting that yield data into Granular and developing a plan for next year.  


Proper seed placement begins with a properly serviced meter. Call to have your meters checked over and ran on our test stand. 

In addition to installing Precision Planting components we offer full planter inspections and general planter repairs.

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