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About Us

Formally organized in 2001, Wenninger Seed Service carries on a long tradition of agricultural services in the Van Wert/Paulding area.  Located between Haviland and Scott, Ohio, Wenningers' have decades of experience as seed dealers.  We became Precision Planting dealers in the Fall of 1997, when their product line revolved around seed meter improvements and repairs.  Precision Planting has evolved over the years, to the point where we can now retrofit most components on the row unit and even provide you with an entirely new row unit.

The most recent line of products we picked up come from 360 Yield Center.  Gregg Sauder started the company in 2013, with an initial focus on nitrogen timing and placement.  They now offer a line of products designed for a variety of implements including planter, side dress bars, sprayers, combines, and rippers.

In 2015, a larger shop was built to help facilitate product installations at the farm.

In 2021 we became dealers of Beck's Hybrids.


Kevin Wenninger - Owner

Ian Miller - Owner

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