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Important updates and Refresher course material

For Precision Planting in 2021

As of 1-27-2023:

Precision Planting currently recommends running 2020.0.1 version software on your Gen 2 and 2023.0.0 on your Gen 3s

To update your software, follow the link below.

Screenshot (264).png

2021 version software Gen 3 Setup Videos

Screenshot (263).png

Gen 2 link to videos on 

  • Changing Field Names

  • Changing Crop Type

  • Assigning Prescriptions to a Field

  • Updating Software

  • Advanced Swath Tools

Screenshot (161).png

Gen 3 link to videos on 

  • Customizing Home Screen​

  • How to See Field Summaries

  • Connecting to WiFi

  • System Setup

  • System Operation

  • System Overview

  • Importing Prescriptions

  • Prescription Overview

  • Assigning Prescriptions

Screenshot (147).png

Select the "Operations Resources" Tab, then click on the "20/20 Display Operations Sensor"

Importing, assigning, and viewing prescriptions with a Gen 3

Screenshot (219).png

Link to complete Precicion Planting Support Library

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